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EICR Cert is a leading provider of Fire Risk Assessments for various property types, including HMO care homes, old homes, single residency, shared residency, communal areas, converted and purpose-built flats, and commercial properties such as training centres, football grounds, sports activities, gyms, pubs, off-licences, shops, and all sorts of domestic and commercial activities.

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EICR CERT in London offers competitive pricing and comprehensive packages for Fire Risk Assessments, ensuring your property meets all safety regulations and compliance standards.

Fire Risk Assessments For Studio

£ 79
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  • Quick Response
  • Next Day Certificate

Fire Risk Assessments For Communal Area

£ 109
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Fire Risk Assessments For HMO’s & Rental Homes

£ 139
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  • Next Day Certificate

Business Sectors

£ 159
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Ensure Complete Compliance with Our Property Solutions

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Expert Fire Risk Assessment for London Landlords

Looking for a reliable Landlord Fire Risk Assessment in London? Choose EICR CERT for expert assessment and clear reports.

How Our Experts EICR Service is Streamlined?

  • What is a Fire Risk Assessment?
    A Fire Risk Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of what in your domestic or commercial property could cause harm and create danger to people from fire. It helps determine the likelihood of a fire and the potential danger it poses to residents and workers.
  • What do we check in a Fire Risk Assessment?
    In a Fire Risk Assessment, we evaluate the risk of fire and suggest measures to minimize this risk. Additionally, we assess ways to protect the building and human lives.
  • Why do we require a Fire Risk Assessment?
    A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement if you are responsible for a building. From 1st October 2023, the responsible person must get a Fire Risk Assessment done and comply with fire regulations regardless of the property size. If you are selling a flat in a block of flats, banks are also keen to know the fire risk in the building, so they require a communal Fire Risk Assessment, which should include the building’s texture. It is also a requirement for renewing commercial leases to get a Fire Risk Assessment done and comply with fire regulations.

Our Comprehensive Fire Safety and Risk Assessment

Hire EICR CERT for A to Z Fire Safety and Risk Assessment services at affordable rates in London.

Initial Consultation

Our experts discuss your needs, schedule the assessment, and explain the entire process clearly and concisely.

On-Site Assessment

We inspect your property thoroughly, identifying fire hazards and evaluating existing safety measures accurately and efficiently.

Detailed Reporting

We provide a comprehensive PDF report with actionable steps, photos, and clear recommendations for improving safety.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

EICR CERT provides detailed recommendations based on our findings. We classify issues with codes indicating urgency and suggest actions needed to address any potential electrical hazards.

Final Assessment

The Fire Risk Assessment identifies fire hazards, evaluates risks, and recommends measures to ensure safety and compliance.v

Is Your London Property Fire Safe?

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Don’t Let Fire Dictate Your Evacuation:

In England and Wales evacuation time is 2 and half minute, fire risk assessment is mainly to make sure evacuation happens on-time, for early evacuation we have to make sure fire alarm system is suitable for premises on going activities and its fits for purpose there is no damage or any fault into the fire alarm we also have to make sure its been inspect by the qualified engineer and responsible person throw out the year.

The Importance of a Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan (FEEP)

A fire can erupt in seconds, leaving panic and confusion in its wake. But with a well-crafted Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan (FEEP) from EICR CERT, your employees can navigate the chaos and reach safety efficiently.

Forget FEEP as a mere formality. It’s a lifeline and it is a perfectly designed blueprint for escape, ensuring every member of your team, regardless of mobility, can evacuate quickly and safely.

Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights should be installed in property to help people in the event of power cuts to evacuate smoothly.

Fire Doors

Fire doors have different requirements for different properties for different types of activities and occupancy so we have to make sure the fire risk assessment property is in compliance with the fire doors where need it.

Fire Extinguishers

We also need to make sure there are enough fire extinguishers to tackle the fire at early stages and fire extinguishers are fit for purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment is a thorough inspection to identify potential fire hazards and ensure safety measures are in place. It’s essential for every property owner to comply with fire safety regulations and protect occupants.

Our experienced Fire Risk Assessors visit your property to conduct a detailed inspection. They assess fire hazards, safety equipment, emergency exits, and more. This helps us create a customised plan to enhance fire safety.

After the assessment, you receive a comprehensive report detailing findings and recommendations. It covers identified risks, necessary improvements, and compliance with fire safety standards. This report serves as a roadmap to safeguard your property.

The duration depends on your property’s size and complexity. Typically, assessments range from a few hours to a day. Costs vary based on property type and scope of assessment. Contact us for a tailored quote.

Fire Risk Assessments should be regularly reviewed and updated. The frequency depends on changes to the property, occupancy, or fire safety regulations. We recommend annual assessments to maintain safety standards.

A Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan (FEEP) outlines procedures for safely evacuating occupants during a fire. It includes escape routes, assembly points, and responsibilities during emergencies. Having a FEEP ensures everyone knows what to do in a fire situation, minimising risks and ensuring swift evacuation.

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