Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)​

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Fire Risk Evaluation and Their Significance

Ensure the safety of your property and loved ones with our experts for fire risk assessment.

company with NEBOSH-certified Fire Risk Assessors who service the entire London M25 region. With our Fire Risk Evaluation services, we are dedicated about making our Customers’ lives safer, which requires us to be both informed and competent in all we do.

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Fire Risk Assessments For HMO’s & Rental Homes

£ 139
  • Including All Taxes
  • 1-3 Bedrooms £139
  • 4-6 Bedrooms £159

Fire Risk Assessments For Communal Area

£ 109
  • Including All Taxes
  • Single storey communal area £109
  • Two storey communal area £139
  • Three storey communal area £159

Business Sectors

£ 159
  • Including All Taxes
  • Starting From £159

Why choose us?

Fire Safety Assurance You Can Rely On: Our team is comprised of seasoned fire safety professionals with extensive experience in conducting thorough Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs). You can rely on our expertise to ensure that your property meets and exceeds all fire safety standards and regulatory compliance.

Local Expertise, Local Commitment: As a dedicated local service provider, we possess in-depth knowledge of the specific fire safety regulations and requirements in your area. Our team is well-acquainted with local fire codes, guaranteeing that your Fire Risk Assessment is not only compliant but intricately tailored to address the unique needs of your community.

Clear and Competitive Cost Structure: At our core, we believe in transparency and fairness. There are no hidden fees or surprises; we provide you with a lucid understanding of the costs associated with our Fire Risk Assessment services. Our competitive rates ensure that you receive exceptional fire safety services without straining your budget. Trust us to prioritize your safety with integrity and affordability.


Difference between FRA & Fire Safety Check

  • FRA: A Fire Risk Assessment evaluates the potential fire risks within a property and identifies measures to mitigate these risks.
  • Fire Safety Check: A Fire Safety Check is to make sure your fire alarm panel or your smoke detector is going to work in the event of fire, point to make sure they are installed correctly and working according to BS5839.
  • Validity: FRAs should be reviewed regularly, typically annually, or when significant changes occur in the property. Fire Safety Checks should ideally be conducted regularly as well, but there isn’t a specific validity period.

The importance of fire safety should not be overlooked. A fire safety inspector will visit to your property, examine where the dangers are as well as how they may be resolved with you, and then put this data into their analysis. To ensure that your property is free of fire hazards, the fire inspector will examine your fire escape signs, smoke alarm installation, emergency exit, and fire extinguishers.
Whether any of the above apply to your residential or business premises, fire risk evaluations are required.
So there’s no fire warning system in your Home for Multiple Occupants (HMO) having three or more individuals.

EICR CERT is a company with NEBOSH-certified Fire Risk Assessors who service the entire London M25 region. With our Fire Risk Evaluation services, we are dedicated about making our Customers’ lives safer, which requires us to be both informed and competent in all we do. Our team is made up of highly qualified experts that are dedicated to attaining success through outstanding service, technological solutions, quality standards, continual improvement through training programmes, and strict adherence to safety norms. Because we are an independent firm with no links to any one system or vendor, you can rest assured that our recommendations will always be unbiased. A comprehensive report outlining what has to be done to ensure the property into compliance with existing regulations.

A Fire Evaluation Is conducted for each business under some kind of Legislation Fire Safety Order 2005. All firms will be required to conduct Fire Risk Analysis. Fire Services have also been given authority underneath the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 to issue an Upgrade Or restriction warning or Prohibition Notice on a premise that violated the Legislation (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Landloard safety inspections provides Fire Risk Evaluations in accordance with the Fire and Rescue Ordinance 2004. Our inspectors are highly skilled and informed, and they provide compliance through a high-quality professional service.

The duration of a Fire Risk Evaluation in London is not specified by legislation. It is, nevertheless, a legal duty to do one as quickly as feasible after a change of tenancy in any company location.

  • Any fire that is present or has the potential to be present;
  • Flammable substances are used and stored on the site;
  • Other health and safety issues, such as floods or major defects, are present or likely to occur, and precautions are made to mitigate such risks.
  • In the case of an emergency, the ways of escape;

Buildings with more than three stories must have a fire risk evaluation completed in London. The Fire and Fire Safety Order, 2005, oversees the construction, management, and usage of facilities, and the Fire and Fire Safety Order, 2005 enforcing compliance. Fire risk evaluations can also help you meet with regulatory obligations while reducing fire dangers on your property. It also aids in improving the knowledge and awareness of fire safety among those who reside and work in the premises where the training takes place. A solo or a team of professionals can complete the FRA. It necessitates proper competency of all elements of safety procedures for the properties in question, whether historical or modern, industrial or residential, made of stone or steel, and so on, and also awareness of all aspects of safety procedures for the premises in question.

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