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Installation Of a Fire Alarm

In the United Kingdom, BS5389 governs fire alarm installation. British Standards is abbreviated as BS, and the number 5389 refers to the specific standard for fire safety devices. According to this standard, a smoke sensor is a sensor that senses smoke by the heat of combustion products or any other particularly designed smoke-specific indication, in particular to use an alarm before smoke becomes thick enough just to react with an open fire’s flame.

Installing smoke detectors in compliance with BS5389 regulations entails following spacing and height specifications, and also existing electrical standards for smoke alarms and battery backup arrangements.

We have skilled engineers on staff at land safety inspections who can perform install in accordance with current regulations.

Is a Fire Alarm Necessary?

All Properties That Are Rented As per BS5839 restrictions, fire alarms are required. Smoke alarms provide various types of coverage; the basic minimum criteria for coverage for each and every premises is hard wired, interconnected fire alarms in the corridor, sitting room, and kitchen; this sort of coverage is also widely recognized as Grade D, LD 3.

If a landlord need more protection, he can install a Grade LD 2 system, that entails hardwiring mains interconnected smoke alarms in each and every space excluding kitchens (heat alarms are required in kitchens) and toilets. Smoke alarms must be mounted on the outside wall and would need to be at least 1 metre above the ground.

In the kitchen, heat detectors are necessary as part of the smoke detector system.

Although installing fire alarms is not really a project you should tackle on your own, it is critical to ensure that your residence is secure. Get a price now by contacting us.

Fire Alarm Systems, Levels 1 through 5

  • Smoke alarms that sense carbon from a fire and trigger an alarm are known as L1 fire alarm systems.
  • L2 smoke alarms are temperature sensors that detect warmth in a given area and alert the user to the possibility of a fire.
    Smoke or heat sensors are used in L3 fire detection systems, and if smoke or warmth is sensed, the alert will go sound.
  • L4 smoke alarms detect just smoke from a fire and therefore do not notify of any other dangers.
  • Finally, L5 smoke detectors are heat sensors that make a noise if there is smoke present and a high amount of heat

Our Rates

Alarms can be installed for as little as 129 pounds per alarm.


Difference between FRA & Fire Safety Check

  • FRA: A Fire Risk Assessment evaluates the potential fire risks within a property and identifies measures to mitigate these risks.
  • Fire Safety Check: A Fire Safety Check is to make sure your fire alarm panel or your smoke detector is going to work in the event of fire, point to make sure they are installed correctly and working according to BS5839.
  • Validity: FRAs should be reviewed regularly, typically annually, or when significant changes occur in the property. Fire Safety Checks should ideally be conducted regularly as well, but there isn’t a specific validity period.

Difference between Smoke Detector Check & Fire Panel Check

  • Smoke Detector Check: Smoke Detectors usually work without any central system they are usually to be found in domestic properties are very small and are low risk commercial properties.
  • Fire Panel Check: Fire Alarm Panels also have smoke and heat detectors connected with it along with call points but they are controlled by a centralised panel system.
  • Validity: Both checks should be performed regularly, ideally as part of routine maintenance schedules. There isn’t a specific validity period, but they should be conducted at least annually or as recommended by manufacturers or regulations.

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