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Are you in need of a fuse box installation in London? Look no further! EICR CERT offers dependable and modern fuse box installation services in London. Understanding why fuses blow is crucial to preventing future problems and ensuring a safe, reliable power supply. Common reasons include overloading circuits with too many appliances, using outdated or faulty devices, and short circuits caused by damaged wiring. Ground faults, which occur when there’s a discrepancy in electrical current between neutral and ground wires, are also common. Additionally, power surges from lightning strikes or utility failures, along with age and wear on the electrical system, can cause fuses to blow.

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Tired of outdated electrics? EICR CERT, London’s trusted experts, offers modern fuse box installations to ensure your home’s safety and efficiency. Get a free quote and upgrade now!

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When use box needs replacement?

Replace the fuse box when it shows signs of wear, damage, or fails to meet current safety standards and electrical regulations. Always consult expert qualified electrician like from EICR CERT for an inspection.

Don’t risk your family’s safety with an outdated fuse box.

We offer a fast and reliable fuse box installation service in London, replacing your aging unit with a modern consumer unit. This upgrade not only ensures compliance with UK regulations, but also provides:

  1. Improved functionality
    Say goodbye to constantly replacing blown fuses. Consumer units distribute electrical power more efficiently and offer features like circuit breakers for easier control.
  2. Increased property value
    Upgrading your electrics demonstrates a commitment to safety and modernization, potentially boosting your property value.

Fuse Box Installation Process

We install fuse boxes securely, ensuring safe and compliant electrical systems for your property.

Site Assessment

We identify the best location for fuse box placement, ensuring it is accessible and compliant with safety regulations.

Component Placement

We securely mount the fuse box, ensuring it is stable and properly fitted to prevent any potential hazards.

Wiring Setup

Our experts connect individual circuits to specific terminal points, ensuring a neat and organised electrical system.

Safety Testing

We verify the fuse box’s functionality, checking for protection against electrical overloads and ensuring it meets all safety standards.

Final Inspection

A thorough final inspection confirms the fuse box installation meets all safety regulations and works efficiently for your property’s needs.

Need Fuse Box Installation in London?

Trust EICR CERT for expert, compliant, and secure installations. Get top-quality Fuse Box Installation in London with EICR CERT.

We cover entire London

Our electrical company proudly offers Fuse Box Installation in the bustling city of London. With a commitment to excellence, we provide our knowledge to both urban and suburban areas, guaranteeing that residents and businesses enjoy high-quality electrical services. From installations to repairs, our expert technicians are committed to fulfilling the specific requirements of clients in London, providing dependable and effective solutions to keep their electrical systems functioning properly.

Legal Requirements for Fuse Box Installation in London

In London, having a compliant fuse box installation is mandatory under the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020. This law requires landlords to ensure new fuse box installations, including fuse board installations, meet safety standards. Non-compliance with Fuse Box Installation London regulations can result in severe penalties.

Not having these certificates does not necessarily imply that you are breaking the law. No, they claim you are putting your tenants in danger. There are further implications for not obtaining these landlord credentials.
Certified houses stand out in the rental market, attracting tenants seeking a safe environment. This increases the property’s value while also making the landlord look nice.

Legal Site Assessment

We comply with regulations during site assessments for Fuse Box Installation, ensuring the fuse box location meets all legal requirements, avoiding potential fines.

Compliance in Placement

Our secure component placement follows legal standards, ensuring stability and safety, preventing any legal repercussions for non-compliance of Fuse Box Installation.

Mandatory Safety Testing

We perform required safety testing as per the law, ensuring functionality and protection against overloads, avoiding penalties for unsafe installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for EICR Electrical Certificate

Older fuse boxes (fuse boards) can struggle with modern appliances. If you experience frequent tripping or flickering lights in your London home, EICR CERT can assess your system and recommend a new fuse box installation to ensure your electrical system runs safely and efficiently.

EICR CERT’s certified electricians will first assess your existing London fuse box and electrical system. Based on their findings, they’ll recommend the most suitable new fuse box. The installation process typically involves safely disconnecting the old unit, installing the new one, and thoroughly testing the entire system for functionality and safety.

The cost of a new fuse box installation in London can vary depending on the size and complexity of your electrical system. However, EICR CERT offers competitive pricing and transparent quotes. They provide free, no-obligation consultations in London, so you can get an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs.

Yes, modern fuse boxes are designed for optimal efficiency. Upgrading your London home’s fuse box with EICR CERT can help regulate power distribution better, potentially reducing energy waste and lowering your electricity bills in the long run.

The installation timeframe for a new fuse box in London depends on the complexity of your system. EICR CERT’s experienced technicians will provide an estimated timeframe during the initial assessment. They prioritise efficiency, reducing disruption to your daily life and ensuring a smooth installation process in your London home.

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