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We provide outstanding EICR Electrical Certificate in London, ensuring your property’s wiring is safe and compliant. Our certified engineers conduct thorough inspections, delivering clear reports that outline any necessary repairs. Trust us to keep your electrical systems in perfect working order and up to code.

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Uncertain about EICR certificates in London? EICR CERT offers simple packages for landlord safety certificates. You will receive a clear report with any necessary fixes, delivered quickly and at a budget-friendly price.


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Expert EICR Services for London Landlords

Looking for a reliable Landlord EICR Certificate in London? Choose EICR CERT for expert inspections and clear reports. Trust EICR Certificate London for peace of mind and compliance assurance.

How Our Experts EICR Service is Streamlined?

A qualified electrician issues an EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report, after assessing the electrical installation in property. During EICR testing, the electrician checks the safety and condition of the installation and decides if it is fit for continued use. EICRs are crucial for spotting potential electrical hazards, ensuring compliance with regulations, and protecting residents, employees, and properties in London.

We offer EICR Certificates in London, with our skilled electricians inspecting and testing wiring, sockets, switches, and fuse boxes. Our detailed reports highlight any issues or hazards. Choose EICR CERT for your Landlord EICR Certificate in London to ensure safety and compliance.

Expert Electrical Inspections

We conduct thorough inspections to ensure your property’s electrical systems are safe and compliant.

Visual Inspections

EICR CERT conducts thorough visual inspections of your property’s electrical installations. We check for visible damage, wear and tear, and any signs of misuse to ensure safety.

Electrical Testing

We perform comprehensive electrical testing, including insulation resistance and earth fault loop impedance tests. Our tests confirm the integrity and functionality of your electrical system, identifying any issues.

Circuit Details

Our experts meticulously document and label each circuit within the installation. We ensure all protective devices like circuit breakers and RCDs are correctly functioning to prevent electrical hazards.


EICR CERT provides detailed recommendations based on our findings. We classify issues with codes indicating urgency and suggest actions needed to address any potential electrical hazards.

Final Assessment

We summarise our inspection and testing results in a clear report. This includes a conclusion on whether your electrical installation is safe for continued use, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

EICR Electrical Certificate

Attention London landlords! Ensure your residential and commercial property’s safety with our thorough Electrical Installation Condition Report. Schedule now to safeguard your investment and comply with regulations.

The Importance of Landlord EICR Certificate

Landlord EICR Certificates are crucial for ensuring the safety of both tenants and properties. These certificates provide assurance that the electrical installations within rental properties meet the necessary safety standards mandated by law. Without an EICR Certificate, landlords risk potential hazards and legal liabilities that could endanger the lives of their tenants and lead to costly legal consequences.
Therefore, obtaining an EICR Certificate is not only a legal requirement but also a fundamental step towards ensuring the well-being of tenants and protecting the landlord’s investment.

Obtaining The Landlord EICR Certificate Entails More than Obeying the Law!

Obtaining and maintaining a landlord certificate in London, UK, entails more than simply obeying the laws. It is about keeping tenants safe and happy while fostering trust. These credentials include topics such as gas and electrical safety and demonstrate that a landlord is concerned with providing a high-quality living environment.

Not having these certificates does not necessarily imply that you are breaking the law. No, they claim you are putting your tenants in danger. There are further implications for not obtaining these landlord credentials.
Certified houses stand out in the rental market, attracting tenants seeking a safe environment. This increases the property’s value while also making the landlord look nice.

Legal Requirement

EICR Certificates are mandated by law to ensure electrical safety standards are met in rental properties in London.

Risks of Non-Compliance

Without an EICR Certificate, landlords’ risk legal penalties and compromise tenant safety and well-being.

Importance for Tenant Safety

Obtaining an EICR Certificate is crucial for landlords to comply with regulations and prioritise tenant safety in London.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for EICR Electrical Certificate

An EICR Electrical Certificate, also known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report, assesses a property’s electrical wiring for safety and compliance.

It’s a legal obligation for landlords to ensure their properties meet electrical safety standards, safeguarding tenants and adhering to regulations.

Only qualified electricians or approved engineers are authorised to conduct EICR inspections and issue Electrical Certificates in London.

Landlords in London are required to obtain an EICR Certificate at least every five years to maintain compliance and ensure ongoing safety.

It involves a comprehensive inspection and testing of the property’s electrical systems to identify any potential hazards and ensure adherence to safety standards.

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