Electric Diagnostics In London

Why Electric Diagnostics?

Electrical testing is done to confirm that all of a building’s electrical installations are up to code. This would also ensure that individuals and businesses are not subject to any penalties for failing to follow the rules.

According to the Occupier’s Liability Act of 1984, the property owner’s duty of care extends to anyone who may come into contact with the property, hence all necessary safety checks and safeguards must be implemented.

Need of Electric Test

Electrical engineers can conduct several physical and visible inspections, allowing you to prevent severe health and safety threats such as electrocution and accidents.

Cost of the saturation of technological systems, it has been revealed that electrical devices and installations appear to decay over time.

Regular electrical testing, on the other hand, will ensure that any possible hazards are detected and addressed.

Some organizations, such as insurance companies, require their customers to conduct electrical inspections on their protected premises regularly, and if this is not done within a certain time frame, the insurance contract will be voided.

An electric test mainly consists of the following:

  1. Detecting any electrical circuits that aren’t working properly.
  2. In the situation of an overburden, identifying any electrical wiring.
  3. Disseminating warnings about possible disaster or electric shock threats.
  4. Detecting any connection and earthing issues.

Our Prices


Our Services

  • Fuse box
  • Earth bonding
  • Electrical alters
  • Socket setup
  • Bath circuit
  • Spotlight placement

Value For Money & Services Included

For faulty diagnostics, we charge £93.60 per hour, and we also provide a variety of other diagnostic solutions. Among the services offered are:

Installing a new consumption unit, particularly in commercial properties, can be rather difficult. If you’ve chosen to upgrade your old consumption unit, you really would like to hire a competent engineer to do the job, and there’s no greater place to check than here.

Since the fuse board is so crucial to your property, doing a poor job installing it could place you and your family in grave danger. You could be putting yourself in danger of electrical damage if it is not installed properly by qualified electrical engineers. There are a variety of reasons why you might need to replace your fuse box:

It can be overburdened, the wiring could be damaged, and so on.

Earth Bonding:

Aside from the power supply, a normal building will have several services that require metallic interconnections and, as a result, earth bonding.

Earth bonding is required for things like water and gas pipes.

Earth bonding is critical since, in the event of a problem, it redirects the fault current to the security device, which then shuts off the power system, preventing any further harm.

Electrical Rewires:

Rewiring can be a time-consuming operation, but our electrical professionals will have it completed in no time.

Electrical rewiring entails rebuilding some or all of a property’s wiring, including cables that connect lights, outlets, as well as the fuse panel.

There is no real answer about when and where one must have electrical wiring performed on their home, although it is recommended that it be done every 25 years at best.

Electrical wiring is usually done when the wiring is old or if there is a reoccurring electrical problem, such as tripping.

Skilled & Qualified Experts:

They can repair all of your electrical connection requirements, such as electrical sockets, power lines, and much more. We can assist you with anything from idea to implementation.

Whenever we install your sockets, we make sure you get the most bang for your buck and that you are completely safe.

Shower Circuit:

We handle everything from plumbing to electrical wiring, as well as assisting you in selecting the best hardware for your tastes and budget.

We make sure you obtain the greatest materials for your money and always leave you satisfied after the shower installations are completed.

We also consider the sort of showerhead you desire as well as the amount of power you want it to generate when installing the shower circuit.

This will assist us in deciding the kind and type of MCB we should use for your shower, as choosing the incorrect one could result in the wire burning out and other possible safety issues.

Considering Your Shower Connection:

It will be a ridiculously high zone, all electricity should turn off in far less than ½ a millisecond to protect human safety.

You should have the shower circuit built by a qualified electrician to ensure that it functions properly, as a bad installation may cause major damage to the user.

So, with all appliances, you mustn’t try to trade your security for a few pennies. You don’t have to bear the penalties of a shoddy installation.

Installation Of Spotlights:

Spotlights are also known as downlights. Buying some is a really elegant method to provide lighting to any room.

It’s a wonderful way to brighten up the kitchen by placing it beneath the cabinets maybe over the countertop.

Downlights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including:

Recessed downlights:

These are the most common and are commonly utilized in homes, offices, and other structures. Surface downlights are utilized in homes and businesses when recessed ceiling placement is not possible, such as in areas with cement ceilings.

Pendant luminaires:

Because they dangle from the roof, they are picked largely for their aesthetic appeal.

  • Surface downlights are utilized in homes and businesses when recessed ceiling placement is not possible, such as in areas with cement ceilings.

Semi-recessed downlight:

This type of light has the central core buried in the roof that’s used to create a showpiece roof in living spaces.

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